Missionary Thank Yous

Here are several more “Thank yous” for the card packages sent at the last Women’s Retreat, and a few prayer requests from our sweet missionaries:

From Marta Klein:

Dear Friends at First Evangelical Free,

Thank you so much for the gift of Thank You Cards and the words of encouragement. I am hoping to send you a video of photos of my journey so far. It has been a difficult year of transitions and learning languages. I am so thankful to be a part of what is happening here. I pray that I will continue to be teachable. Can you please join me in that prayer? I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and support. I hope to visit when I get back to the States in April 2013.

Nzambe apambola na bino! God bless to you!

Marta Klein

Short Term Missionary to Dem. Rep. of Congo with the Evang. Covenant Church

From Debbie Shoberg:

Dear Women at First Free,

Thank you for your packet of stationary, and your encouraging notes, letting me know that you had prayed for me at your spring meetings. Wow! Not only are your prayers an encouragement to me, but God heard them and He has acted as a result. This year has been tough in that our team mate in church-planting returned to the U.S. But God has been present when Jim and I felt alone, and He has continued to work in our French friends’ hearts.

I was able to lead 2 Bible studies with 4 women total, studying with me and I saw spiritual growth through their interaction with the Word. Yahoo! 🙂 I hope the studies continue and that more women will join.

This fall brings family changes – we take our oldest, Amber, to boarding school in Germany (6 hr. drive away), for 10th grade. I knw we will miss her, while being happy for her, too. And I’ll teach Keisha 5th grade at home. We saw she needed to switch to schooling in English. So I need wisdom to teach her well, and have a good teacher/mom relationship in it all!

May you see God as sufficient for you in family and reaching others, too!


Debbie Shoberg




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