Staff Highlight: Judy Hollander

Hello, sisters in the Lord!! Here is our next mini-interview with one of our precious ministry staff. Today’s guest? Judy Hollander!

I am continually amazed, astounded and in a state of speechless awe the more I watch people serving in Children’s Ministry: truly, it is a precious and profound way to honor His Name. Being a young mother myself, I am grateful to Judy’s leadership as the Director of Children’s Ministries as she equips her staff, her volunteers, the parents, and the children with God’s Truth.

If you have not met Judy, I know she would love to meet you! She is a woman full of grace and love, and has one of the most welcoming smiles I know: I can testify to this especially, as I rammed into the back of her car at a stop light about a week ago (egads!!)…grace truly abounds in her!! Much love to you, Judy!

1) You have a strong desire and heart for children and families to know Christ and be disciples. What motivates your desire to continue serving, equipping, and encouraging these children and families?

God continues to give me such a passion for my work, and I’m so grateful for it. I want children to know God and to love his Word. I want that knowledge to lead to faith in Christ and a lifetime commitment to follow Jesus. I believe these early years are so key to establishing a strong foundation of knowledge of God and his Word so when they are old enough to consider and question they will have truth to draw on. I love the passage in 2 Tim. 3:14, 15 “But as for you (Timothy), continue in what you have learned and have firmly believed, knowing from whom you learned it and how from childhood you have been acquainted with the sacred writings, which are able to make youwise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.” First, you need to learn the ‘sacred writings’ and the prayer is that this knowledge with make children ‘wise for salvation’. This is motivating to me! I am also motivated to encourage and equip parents because their role is this is primary. Timothy’s early education in the Scriptures came through his mother and grandmother- the church cannot replace (nor should we try) what happens at home. I am motivated to consider ways that we can encourage and equip our parents in their role of discipling their children.

2) How has God increased your faith through this?

I want children to know the God that I know! It is circular—the more I know about God the greater my desire is for teaching and equipping children and their families in the Word. I love the end of Job where God responds not with answers to the many questions of Job and his friends, but with such a description of himself. Our comfort and courage and our very salvation comes out of the glorious person of God. We can never know him fully, but if we can start children on the path of knowing God through his Word and his Son, then we have given them the most important thing.

3) How can the women of First Free be praying for you?

Pray that I will be faithful and persistent in all of the above! Pray for our teachers and volunteers who serve children that they will be motivated by the desire to make Christ known to the boys and girls they teach.

Pray for my family: Ross, Blake and Katie, Mary Ann and Clark. Pray that I would walk worthy of my calling in Christ Jesus.

Thanks so much!


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