Engaging Sunday Sermons

I came across this quote the other day from the late and great preacher Charles Spurgeon:

Satan will be glad if you begin to blame the preacher when you ought to have blamed yourself.

Eek. Those are strong words. I don’t think they need much elaboration, do you?

It reminded me of a post on Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s website, regarding Sunday morning sermons. In it she writes:

If we’re not benefitting from the ministry of the Word as it is publicly proclaimed in our local churches, the fault may not lie in the one proclaiming the Word. It may lie in our readiness to hear, receive, and respond to the Word.

Finding yourself daydreaming about sandy beaches, cute pets and the feel good movie from last night on Sunday mornings? dogs_7413cnIn Nancy’s article, she lists several ideas to prepare for and engage in Sunday sermons before, during and after the service. If you find yourself from time to time engaging in unrelated thoughts or motives, check out her article here. There are also some great personal application questions at the end, to keep our hearts humble and receptive towards the Word and as well as towards the ones who teach us.

Many thanks to those who minister the Word of God to us each week! I pray that the Spirit of God moves powerfully among us each Sunday morning, to make us women who are teachable, humble, and eager for transforming truth.

PS – Aren’t those doggies cute?? Love ’em.


One thought on “Engaging Sunday Sermons

  1. We have some little books by Christopher Ash called “Listen Up!” that are helpful guides to listening to sermons. I’m sure you all need all the help you can get with your current pastor! Contact Julie Egy if you want one.

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