Staff Highlight: Pastor Jeremy Krause

Here is another mini interview with one of our beloved staff members: Pastor Jeremy Krause. Many thanks, Pastor Jeremy, for your enthusiasm, your faithfulness, your integrity and your commitment!


1) You have a strong desire and heart to motivate God’s people towards “being disciples that make disciples.” What motivates your desire to serve the Lord wholeheartedly in this capacity?

Some of my motivation is anchored in My own story. When I went to college, I met men who were passionately devoted to Jesus Christ. They would spend time with me, discipling me, and showing me how to love Jesus Christ.  As a result of their investment, I was won over by both their message and methods.  As I have investigated Gods word for myself, I can see how being a disciple that makes disciples is all over God’s plan.  From Moses to Joshua, Elijah to Elisha, Jesus to Peter, Peter to Mark, Paul to Timothy, And Paul to Titus… Disciple making is everywhere.
2) How has God increased your faith through this?

My faith has been increased when I see the fruit God provides.  There have been a number of God moments in disciple making. There is no way that I could take any credit for some of the things that God has done. I am so thankful that God’s word does the work.

3) How can the women of First Free be praying for you?

  • God would continue to remove idols from my life (my identity, peace, and hope would be found in Him)
  • NYC Mission Trip: support would be raised; students would be equipped; hearts of those in NYC would be soft to hear the Gospel
  • 2013 Plans: God would grant us wisdom and discernment for our ministry plans

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