Staff Highlight: Mary Trousdale

Mary TMary Trousdale is the Student Ministry Administrative Assistant at First Free. She has worked faithfully with our youth for several years. Enjoy reading her sweet story below! Thank you, Mary!!

1) You have invested in the lives of many teens for many years, unto God’s glory. What motivates your desire to serve the Lord wholeheartedly in this capacity?

Because of the Gospel, I have a strong desire to take the love that God showed me on the cross to others. I am motivated to work with teenagers because I have seen how the world influences so many teens in a negative way. I would have loved to have had strong godly woman in my life during my teen years.  I want to be a positive influence that shows teen girls the truth of the Gospel, that they are loved by our Heavenly Father, that they have been created by Him for His purpose and that they can make a difference in this world.

2) How has God increased your faith through this?

My faith is increased by living the Gospel and sharing my life with teen girls. As I look back over the years, with 14 of them in this ministry, my faith has been growing. I struggled through a move to Kansas which took me away from everything that I knew (and thought that I needed), the death of both my parents and my brother, and the constant changes and demands of marriage and raising a family. Because of these life experiences, I can lead the young women in the ministry to trust God to be with them at all times. My faith is stronger now because I can see God has been with me every step of the way. To keep my faith strong, I know that I have to be in God’s word and stay focused on the Gospel message.

3) How can the women of First Free be praying for you?

I covet the prayers of other women for me to have peace and trust in my God’s care and providence over all that happens in my life and strength and confidence to tell others about His love and grace.



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