My house shall be called a house of prayer

“My house shall be called a house of prayer” Matthew 21:13

I read something several months ago, that caused me to throw the book in my hand aside, spring up from my bed where I was reading, fall down to the floor upon my knees, and weep.

It convicted me, as nothing had before, of my prayerlessness. It convicted me of relying upon those so-called “prayer warriors” we hear about out there to “get the job done”…my jobs done, that is. I was suddenly ashamed of how little I pleaded before His throne for God Himself to do the work in the tasks He had called me to.

It challenged me, it pleaded with me, it encouraged me, and it caused my heart to yearn to present all things and all people in my path before the Lord.

For, if a small 15 year old girl could present each night, 500 of her classmates, listing them one by one, name by name, before the Lord…couldn’t I present the few God had placed around me?

There is a prayer meeting every Wednesday night at church. I’ve gone to it. It. Is. So. Lovely. It is lovely because it is a small group of friends who have been presenting their church family before the Lord every week, together, for countless years. It is motivating, because it is a demonstration of their commitment to perseverance in prayer, to keep knocking at heaven’s door for people. It is beautiful because of their selflessness; of taking God’s commands of Philippians literally, when Paul says to put other’s interests above our own. It is purity, it is holiness, it is goodness and it is faithfulness.

Wednesday nights. Write it down, because you should come join us! They would love it.

The Women’s Leadership Team, under the great example of faithfulness and perseverance in our beloved Jo Coltrain, will be praying through scripture over the next several months for you. We thought you might like to join us? We’ll be posting scriptural prayer guides here on the blog; these are prayer guides that we are using ourselves. Praying through the holy and blessed Word of God is powerful; it cuts to the heart, it pierces through joints and marrow, and it plants God’s truths into our minds for realWhat if, God would hear us all praying together from heaven, see the righteousness of Christ covering His beloved daughters, and sweep through each of our lives with His Spirit’s power, and answer? What if, this earthly house the Lord has given us, this small body of believing sisters, this group of women…what if we became a house of prayer?

What if?

Ooo, I get shivers and tingles just thinking about how He might answer us.

Now, go to it, girlies! Much love to you!

(Click here for the blog’s “Printables” page, where you’ll find the first prayer guide.)